Job Postings Reflect your Company's Brand!

All job post are not the same and all are not looked at in the same way. The job post is an expression of the company. It's important to put time and quality into a good job description. It does represent your brand after all!


4/17/20241 min read

person using MacBook Pro
person using MacBook Pro

Job Postings Reflect your Company's Brand!

If you can’t get the Job Posting right, could there be other problems in the company?

Job Postings should represent a company in a positive manner and should reflect the company's brand. They should be well-written, organized, and clearly explain the role, requirements, responsibilities, and benefits at a minimum.

Issues that job postings have are:

• conflicting job titles (headline vs. content)

• too many varying responsibilities (i.e., 4 roles in 1)

• a lot of typos, spelling, and grammatical errors; some in the wrong language

• a minimum hourly rate that differs drastically from the responsibilities or skill-set

• disorganized content

• complex steps that will prevent candidates from applying

I know recruiters and hiring managers are busy but take some time and effort to create a quality listing that will represent your company in the best possible manner. If you are not good at writing quality job descriptions, find a resource who can help! In today's environment, there are many automated tools including AI that can assist you with writing and editing!

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